Virginia City

Drive Time From Airport

37 Mins


As seen on TV – but so much more in real life – Virginia City is the original site of the Comstock Lode, the home to many ghost stories, a former fashion capitol of the United States, and a beautiful bonanza in the midst of a desert landscape. With its perfectly preserved Wild West appeal, endless shops and iconic architecture, Virginia City truly is a must-see that defies any simple explanation.

Must-See Attractions

Stroll into Virginia City for just one second and most visitors will register that the city in and of itself is a must-see. Beyond its epic architecture and the jovial spirit of the local community, there is so much more. The walking tour of the city will reveal an exciting history of the area’s surface, while Virginia City’s many mine tours – including the trolley tours – reveal what’s beneath. When you’re done traveling the beaten paths, take a stroll down the city’s central avenue for good eats, candies, antiques, saloons and more.