South Lake Tahoe


Drive Time From Airport

1 hr 20 Mins

Top Spots

Homewood, Meeks Bay, South Lake Tahoe/Stateline, Meyers, Kirkwood, Heavenly, Zephyr Cove, Glenbrook


South Lake Tahoe represents the southern half of the United States’ largest, second deepest alpine lake. Like its northernmost counterpart, South Lake Tahoe boasts no shortage of restaurants, ski resorts, beaches, and community activities. Whether you’re a solo adventurer in search of a secluded beach, or a family planning a fun day in the sun, South Lake Tahoe has something for you.

Must-See Attractions

During the summer, take in the breathtaking views of Emerald Bay’s nationally famous sparkling waters and consider scuba diving at this underwater state park. From there, hike the established trail to the legendary Vikingsholm Castle, which operates guided tours of the palatial property. Famished? Stroll Lake Tahoe Boulevard, where restaurants to suit every palate are suitably appointed for your perusal.